The actual benefits of healthy finances come in the way that you should start early.  You should start early in learning the basics.  Attempts have been made, through several different initiatives, to get young people to learn about financial literacy.  Mostly they cannot always find the time for these programs and, being, in information overload, they do not absorb the necessary information.

Financial independence marks your arrival at adulthood; for most persons, somewhere in their 20’s.  This can be a difficult place to be if it comes with a lot of debt, like study loans that need to be paid, etc.

There are a few options you have towards paying off that debt.  You can try an income-based repayment plan.  You pay back your loans as part of your income; a percentage of your income will be taken monthly to pay off the loan.

You should take debt into consideration when you start looking at studying and attending college.  A pre-conceived plan to deal with debt will help you start financial independence in a slightly better place.  You will still be in debt, but you will know where to go with it, and how you are going to cope with it.